Local Businesses

supporting local businesses

Supporting Local Businesses

IntronPC is pleased to support local businesses. Studies have revealed that locally owned businesses build stronger communities. In comparison to the big chain stores, locally owned businesses feed a larger portion of their profits back into the local economy. The result is more jobs created locally and much of the time they provide better wages than the big chain stores do. Another benefit of locally owned businesses is product diversity; with product diversity the public enjoys a greater number of products to choose from which better match their local customer’s needs.

Below are some if the local businesses we support.

Places of worship

Gethsemane Church

Pastor Dale & Dana Culbertson

Our purpose is to lift up God’s Son Jesus, to draw people into His family, and to glorify God in our lives and worship of Him. We hope you’ll take advantage of what Gethsemane has to offer.

We invite you to become a part of the family that is Gethsemane.

Pastors Dale & Dana Culbertson



Local Artist

Chris LaMarche

Not Local and need computer repair.

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